February 15-18 2024

Welcome to the Queen City!

The thing we might just be the most excited about this year is showing you our extraordinary city! You've seen photos of her iconic skyline, but have you met her in person? 

If you listen carefully, she will whisper centuries-old stories told through the awe-inspiring architecture of a city built in the style of ancient Rome, complete with cobblestone roads and underground treasures.  

Situated on the riverfront just across from our hotel is a 100 million dollar development packed with bars, restaurants, and impecably designed open spaces, all punctuated with breathtaking views of the city and the Ohio River!

What to Expect

Cincy Westie Bash is Cincinnati's signature WCS dance event. Designed to be a weekend of genuine growth as a dancer, the schedule is packed with 90 minute extended technique workshops that focus on progressive skill development as well as the opportunity to learn and perform a mini-routine. This year we are even adding a country dancing room! 

At night,  we get a little wild with performances and shenanigans before the floor comes alive with the infectious energy of West Coast Swing music to keep you on your feet until dawn. Make sure to stay awake long enough to enjoy "Breakfast Club" donuts on Saturday night!